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We are from Canada, so we like to give shout outs to superior Canadian products that need to be tasted!

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Joe Beeverz Bar & Grill is a concept that originated in Brandon, Manitoba in 2011. Our unique menu is like nothing you’ve ever seen. 30 different wing and rib flavours, Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Foot-Long Joe Dogs, Lobster Poutine, Buffalo Mac and Cheese and The Rink Burger are some of our original items that are perfected by the great crew at  Joe Beeverz, and are hard to find anywhere else!

Our unique menu is a combination of our favorite foods that we have tasted all across Canada. After traveling the country for research (and a couple of pints) we have come to realize that tastes differ from one part of the country to another. Our “research” has led us to invent menu items with impeccable taste that will be appreciated from coast to coast.

While doing our “research” we drank a lot of beer.  Like… a lot. From our love of beer we came up with the idea of having our very own house beer, brewed especially for us.    After many “tasting sessions”  we have finally come up with the perfect beer, which we have named “Bucktooth Brew.” It is a smooth amber ale with hints of hazelnut and chestnut.  This awesome beer has a very crisp, bright and delicious finish.   In 2014 we added our second signature beer called “Bucktooth Blonde.”  It’s a crisp and refreshing beer with a medium body.   Trust us when we say she goes down easy;)

We think having our very own signature beers should be celebrated, and we usually celebrate by drinking beer… so this philosophy works out really well.     If you don’t try one it’s just plain rude after all of the research we have done.